31 Mar 2005

Sad to see Ranjit struggling with non-free proprietary software while there is so much Free Software available to help with what he is trying to accomplish.

GNU Classpath class documentation currently only comes in HTML. But is generated using gjdoc which can also generate texinfo or raw xml. From that you can generate info, docbook, pdf, etc. Evince is just the GNOME frontend for the new freedesktop Poppler pdf renderer used by both the GNOME and KDE hackers. It is under active development. Netx a free JNLP implementation that just works with GNU Classpath based execution engines:

/usr/local/gcc40/bin/gij -jar netx-0.5.jar -jnlp http://www.acm.vt.edu/~jmaxwell/dvorak/Compare.jnlp