2 and gcjx

Saw that Caolan keeps a blog describing the 2 progress with gcj. He is seeing great speedup from gcj4 native compiled code, but the build times for some parts of OOo are enormous:

Use gcj-dbtool during the build for gcj. This has a huge impact for me building multilanguage langpacks as helpcontent2 is a heavy java user, my experience is a 20hour build with interpreted bytecode and an 8 hour build with gcj-dbtool and -Dgnu.gcj.precompiled.db.path

Tom Tromey posted a status update on gcjx. Still a lot of work to be done for full 1.5 language support. But it looks like there is a lot of progress being made on replacing the current gcj frontend:

gcjx can parse all 1.4 and most 1.5 language features. […]
gcjx does pretty well on jacks – much better than gcj. I think I counted 70 gcj front end PRs that are fixed in gcjx. […]
As of today, I can compile most of libjava using the tree back end