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27 May 2004

Kaffe, can you say AWT? robilad is a human merging machine :) He actually integrated the work of jserv and saugart which means that Kaffe OpenVM now has three AWT backends (QT, X and GTK+). This should also make Kaffe useable for hacking on GNU Classpath‘s AWT and Swing implementations. And just to add to […]

23 May 2004

GNU Classpath, JamVM and Eclipse When Robert released the latest JamVM 1.1.4 his release notes just said: JNI enhancements introduced in Java 1.2 implemented. Updated to use GNU Classpath 0.09. […Some build infrastructure improvements…] Minor bug-fixes and speed optimisations. Eclipse now starts up. Note that last little point. Eclipse is a huge complex application (suite) […]

21 May 2004

Lucene, gcj and python Deep in a thread about using gcj as a portable way to write programs on different architectures someone mentioned PyLucene, a python integration of Lucene (a full-featured text search engine library written in java), using gcj and SWIG. Which is a really nice showcase for what is possible with GNU gcj. […]

21 May 2004

GTK+ AWT peers now on Kaffe Thanks to the hard work of saugart and jserv (and of course the GNU gcj hackers who worked so hard on the actual AWT peers) Kaffe can now also use the GNU Classpath GTK+ AWT peer implementation (see the announcement, including sweet screenshots). This is really nice since it […]

03 May 2004

GNU Classpath We did it! GNU Classpath 0.09 was released. Just 7 weeks after 0.08 but the amount of improvements is huge. And not only nice new packages and features (javax.print, javax.imageio, service provider support), but also lots of “boring” cleanup work (like making sure all C code is -ansi -pedantic clean, API documentation is […]