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09 Jul 2003

Free Software Conferences Going to the Libre Software Meeting on Friday and LinuxTag on Saterday and Sunday. Finally I will meet some of the GNU Classpath and Kaffe OpenVM hackers in person. Fun, fun, fun!

08 Jul 2003

Benchmarking free VMs Did some benchmarks to compare the free java like environments out there. GNU gcj is just very fast. Without even trying to use any optimization flags (just -O2) it out performs all others by a very large margin. Since it is based on the GCC: GNU Compiler Collection it is also available […]

05 Jul 2003

Gnome and Kaffe Happy! Made kaffe love java-gnome again. This is nice since debugging is still easier with kaffe then with gij when you have to use traditional byte code applications. It would be nice though if java-gnome could be compiled into a native library with gcj. That way you could just use gdb to […]