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Documentation Jdocs

Since people seem interested in this topic and since Rick of javalobby contacted me about it I wrote up a little summary of GNU Classpath APIs and documentation (it is the 5th entry).


Inspired by A Brief History of GNU Classpath created by Casey Marshall I looked at the actual lines of source code of GNU Classpath. Running SLOCCount on the releases of the last year gives: Release Date SLOC 0.06 09 Sep 2003 185,803 0.07 05 Dec 2003 192,296 0.08 13 Mar 2004 200,471 0.09 02 May […]

GUI work (AWT/Swing)

Made a long post to the GNU Classpath mailinglist describing all the nice GUI work (AWT/Swing) going on recently. The best summary is probably the screenshots and slides from Thomas Fitzsimmons his GCJ and the Desktop talk at the Desktop Developers’ Conference and the new screenshots of the new AWT Demo and Swing Demo we […]