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java-gnome documentation

Pleasantly surprized by all the documentation on java-gnome. It has a quick primer, a full tutorial, a java-gnome and Glade guide and a special tutorial on TreeView (which is good because TreeView is so powerful that it is daunting to know where to start), full api reference (not yet generated with gjdoc though), and lots […]

gcc 4.0, documentation with gjdoc, bribing hackers

GCC 4.0.0 is released! That was a lot of fun. Don’t you love the smell of release panic. GCJ 4 is a very nice release. Even though it is now based on a two month old GNU Classpath. But thanks to Michael Koch people can enjoy a fresh core library in CVS. Hopefully some of […]

GCJ 4 article, GPL and communities

LWN has now freely published the GCJ 4 article. The intensity of the comments is a bit surprizing. Been talking a lot about licenses, communities, bridges and compromises. In Boston last year Dalibor and I had a little workshop around that same issue. The discussion slides ”The Free Software Community, the GPL, Compromising, Trust and […]


Compared to the Classpath boys Sisyphus had it easy. He, thanks, I guess, Boudewijn :) Happy to see Eric Anholt working on adding ActionScript to Swfdec using Mozilla SpiderMoneky (yes, Mozilla has a javascript engine written in the C and one in the java programming language [Rhino], both dual -licensed under the MPL and GPL). […]

11 Apr 2005

GCC 4.0 RC1 GCC 4.0 has been frozen and a GCC 4.0 RC1 is available. Please test and report bugs/regressions.

javascript, gcj 4 and java-gnome frees windows users

Saw that people are using gcj to create a visual javascript editor using Rhino called Banteng. The RSS Reader demo is cool. It doesn’t depend on GCJ 4, you can actually use the last stable release of GCJ 3.x. My article about GCJ 4 was accepted by LWN. It even got a couple of nice […]

05 Apr 2005 back in the air As soon as all the DNS servers have been updated should be back again for your reading pleasure. Sorry for the interruption. A mirror can be found at if you are impatient.

Integrating lucene in python using gcj and generics

Interesting paper from the latest PyCon 2005 Pulling Java Lucene into Python: PyLucene As OSAF needed an open source text search engine library for its Python based project, Chandler, we made the following bet: what if we pulled together Java Lucene, GNU’s gcj Java compiler and SWIG to build a Python extension ? This paper […]