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Dogfood – Hacking GNU Classpath with Eclipse

Raif Naffah created a nice Hacking GNU Classpath with Eclipse document (including lots of screenshots) explaining how to setup native Eclipse on Fedora Core 4 to directly hack on GNU Classpath and Mauve. Tom Tromey made it so that you can use Cacao as runtime for all your work from inside Eclipse. And Stephan Michels […]

gjdoc 0.7.7 released

We are pleased to announce gjdoc release 0.7.7. gjdoc is the GNU documentation generation framework for java source files. gjdoc is part of GNU Classpath Tools. This is mostly a bug-fix release. This makes gjdoc much more robust when dealing with invalid documentation tags or source code and it is now possible to generate the […]

The “official autobuilder and regression tester” is finally fully operational. The Xen infrastructure has been donated by Berkeley Signal Inc through Jim Pick who also helps with setup and maintenance of the system. We are currently using Tom Tromey’s build scripts for updating, compiling and running the following things: gcc-trunk build + libgcj […]

16 Dec 2005

Ruby, C, GCJ, SWIG, Lucene… Ruby Central 2005 Codefest Grant recipients, number 4 is interesting: 4. Ruby Bindings to Lucene Search Engine (Brian McCallister) Provide Ruby bindings to the Lucene ( search engine via SWIG and GCJ. I couldn’t find how this was going. Or how it compares to the PyLucene implementation. But I found […]

GNU Classpath generics, native eclipse and jamvm

With GNU Classpath 0.19 we also for the first time released a snapshot of the generics branch for people to play with. I have to admit that I have been concentrating mostly on the trunk and hadn’t been paying much attention to the generics branch. Much thanks to Tom Tromey for genericizing (is that a […]

Free JFreeChart – cairo and java-gnome

David Gilbert does it again. Has JFreeChart Escaped the Java Trap? Yes!!!

Almost Christmas time…

Join FSF as an Associate Member! Click that link! I need only 2 more referrals to receive this great gift! BTW. The FSF started the GPLv3 update process.