The “official autobuilder and regression tester” is finally fully operational.

The Xen infrastructure has been donated by Berkeley Signal Inc through Jim Pick who also helps with setup and maintenance of the system. We are currently using Tom Tromey’s build scripts for updating, compiling and running the following things:

  • gcc-trunk build + libgcj regression test.
  • gcjx build
  • classpath CVS make distcheck
  • classpath CVS builds with gcj 4.0.x, gcj-trunk, jikes and gcjx
    (Anthony is working on bootstrapping ecj so it can be added to the mix)

  • jamvm build
  • mauve batchrun run for jamvm/classpath/gcjx
  • jacks run for gcjx

Regressions are posted to classpath-regressions. And on in #classpath there is a little cpbot that can give you the current status (just type =help). No fancy webpage results yet (the Cacao developers do have a nice mauve testresults comparison page). Hopefully much more will be added in the future. It has already been helpful catching some things really quickly which would otherwise only show up while creating and testing an new release.