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Systemtap 0.9 – Markers everywhere

We recently released Systemtap 0.9 and one of the nice new features included is the user space markers that Stan Cox has been working on. They were designed so that they should be compatible with dtrace static user space markers, so you can immediately take advantage of them if your program already has those included. […]

Some Fosdem pictures

Sarah has been publishing sets of pictures from the Fosdem Free Java Meeting.

IcedTea 1.4 with XRender support

IcedTea 1.4 got released this week. And while it is full of new exciting stuff, you really should check out the XRender support by Clemens Eisserer. Especially if you often use java through remote X. It just flies! Trying it out is easy as soon as the new IcedTea hits a distro near you: java […]