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22 Mar 2004

Feeling sick I hate being sick. Soar throat and a headache. Cannot concentrate. And there are so many exciting things going on. So what I do is I look at the pretty pictures from Grzegorz Prokopski showing Free Swing on SableVM and from Jim Huang showing JSDL on Kaffe. And read about the most amazing […]

19 Mar 2004

GNU Classpath Been very happy with the latest release. Many additions (java.util.regexp/gnu.regexp,, javax.swing.undo, java.awt.geom.CubicCurve2D/QuadCurve2D cubic and quadratic equation solving, javax.print.attribute.standard), i/o speed improvements (BufferedReader and ObjectInputStream). Lots of java.awt and gtk+ peer improvements. Start of embedded window support (browsers). Some Swing work. And the normal list of enhancements and bug fixes. Also wrote a […]

17 Mar 2004

Do we need to make a choice? hp wrote an article on Java, Mono, or C++? which he hopes will be the start of a discussion about high-level language technologies and how they can influence the development of the creation of applications for the free desktops. I am happy because he seems to know what […]