19 Mar 2004

GNU Classpath

Been very happy with the latest release. Many additions (java.util.regexp/gnu.regexp, java.net.URI, javax.swing.undo, java.awt.geom.CubicCurve2D/QuadCurve2D cubic and quadratic equation solving, javax.print.attribute.standard), i/o speed improvements (BufferedReader and ObjectInputStream). Lots of java.awt and gtk+ peer improvements. Start of embedded window support (browsers). Some Swing work. And the normal list of enhancements and bug fixes.

Also wrote a GNU Classpath 0.08 – How to use it overview. Hopefully it explains the interaction between GNU Classpath, gcj, kaffe, compilers, editors, runtime environments, extension libraries and other building blocks. It should get people quickly and easily up to speed with GNU Classpath hacking.

Patrik Reali made a nice FOSDEM’04 page which describes the last GNU Classpath hacker meeting. It includes reports and presentations given at FOSDEM on the current status and future plans.

Lost in translation

Put Japan on the list of places to visit. The loneliness of people in a foreign country was nicely captured. But the interaction between the two main characters didn’t really move me.