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Summit presentation and workshop

Published the GNU Classpath presentation and the Free Software Community, GPL, Compromising, Trust and Control workshop slides that we used in Boston.

GCC 4.0

Been playing with the CVS version of GCC (which will become GCC 4.0 – note to self, update the libgcj portion with all the GNU Classpath updates that have gone in) and the result is stunning! Tom Tromey had shown how to create a pre-compiled version of Eclipse 3.0. It is really easy now to […]


Back from the summit in Boston. Will post an overview soon. For now take a look at the picture plus writeup of Richard Li (one of the ACS/RedHat CMS people).

The Eclipse Tipping Point?

Apparently everybody but me had seen the discussion on GCJ, Native Java Compilation and Eclipse by David Orme. It is an interesting read. And it is good to see others are also dreaming of the same kind of future we are working on. The only piece missing in this story seems to be java-gnome which […]