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What are you working on? – Systemtap!

Sometimes people ask me what Red Hat actually pays me for. Aren’t you working on something java related? Although my manager has been very generous and allows me to spend some (but not too much!) time on helping out the free java efforts, my main job is in the engineering tools group (gcc, gdb/Archer [formerly […]

Posters for Libre Java Fosdem meeting

Looking for a handy reference of all the talks in the Free Java developer room at Fosdem 2009 in Brussels, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 February? Look no further! PDF Poster and ODG Poster.

Free Java Meeting at Fosdem

Our libre-java meeting at Fosdem is approaching quickly. February 7 and 8 in Brussels, Belgium. If you want to give a talk, do a demo or have some general presentation/hack-session in our room, please act quickly so we can still schedule it (the deadline is end of this week!). This is what will be at […] moved moved servers and if done correctly nobody will notice (except for the new server having a totally sweet favicon ). But if you do happen to notice anything odd with the planet after the move, then please do yell and scream.