Free Java Meeting at Fosdem

Our libre-java meeting at Fosdem is approaching quickly. February 7 and 8 in Brussels, Belgium. If you want to give a talk, do a demo or have some general presentation/hack-session in our room, please act quickly so we can still schedule it (the deadline is end of this week!).

This is what will be at our disposal:

  • the room “AW1.120” with a capacity of 74 seats (in the building “AW”)
    • on Saturday 2009-02-07 from 12:00 to 18:00
    • on Sunday 2009-02-08 from 09:00 to 17:00
  • a video projector with VGA cable
  • Internet connectivity (wifi A and B only, no wired)

This is what we need from you:

I am going to Fosdem
Also please add you name to the wiki even if you don’t want to present something so we know roughly how many people to expect.


  1. Craig says:

    Would it be possible to discussing liberating JAI (Java Advanced Imaging) at this event? JAI is still under the JDL/JRL, and I think it would be very useful to the Java community to have it under the GPL (like the rest of Sun’s liberated Java work). There’s even a bug that indicates that Sun is alright with this change – it just never happened.

    Apologies if this is the wrong venue – I’m not sure where else to ask. Thanks!

  2. Hi Graig,

    Yes, there will be several Sun people there that could help out with that issue. You might also want send an email to the Sun Ombudsman to see if they can help speed up this issue: