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Fedora 7 Test 3

Fedora 7 Test 3 got released and includes the new gcj with 1.5 support. Really nice to see all this goodness work out of the box now.

GNU Classpath/JamVM/Tomcat on the N800

Dalibor pointed out a nice story about GNU Classpath and JamVM being used to run Tomcat on the N800, and it all just works. Very impressive.

Planet Frysk

Phil Muldoon setup Planet Frysk. Cool!

A piece of rebel code…

Simon Phipps and Mark Reinhold made a video: Java Opens Up. It was recorded before the Fosdem GNU Classpath/OpenJDK DevJam (check out some of the slides posted there for some more in depth info), so you probably won’t learn much more if you have been in Brussels. But they do a very good job of […]

Early Fosdem feedback

Still recovering from the big Fosdem weekend. It was great and exhausting. I was super nervous about it. I just didn’t know whether people would mingle and talk because the group was bigger and more diverse than ever. But it seems that people did. A big thanks to David Delabassee for helping select restaurants and […]