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28 Feb 2006

back Back from Fosdem plus GNU Classpath and Friends meeting. It was a great event! Really tired now :) Some presentation slides on JFreeChart, Cairo, Free Swing and vmgen are now available.

Wish you were here – Freeing Fop (and Batik)

The Fedora documentation team has been asking for Free FOP (Formatting Objects Processor – XSL-FO to PDF converter) and Thomas Fitzsimmons delivers. The result is still a bit boring since images are missing in the produced PDF file. But it can already be used to format 100+ page documents.

22 Feb 2006

GNU Classpath and Friends – Get ready for Fosdem! Super excited about Fosdem next weekend. There will be lots of cool talks and demos and it will be so nice to meet all the hackers. If you are coming please check out the practical info about the developer room. And if possible come to the […]

Some AWT gtk+ progress

With all the excitement about Free Swing you would almost forget about our AWT implementation(s). Got some nice progress with our AWT gtk+ peers: Lillian is also working on some AWT issues now. But there are still lots of hairy corner cases to get right. It is good to see some progress here since Michael […]

16 Feb 2006

A look at GCJ 4.1 LWN published A look at GCJ 4.1 (and beyond). It seems there will be a GCC 4.1 RC1 release soon so everybody can try it out. (update: no rc1 yet, hopefully over the weekend.) Although the article didn’t discuss any speed improvements (it is mainly about the progress of the […]


03 Feb 2006

GNU Classpath and Friends @ Fosdem 2006 The full GNU Classpath and Friends schedule has been published. And there is a Wiki page for coordinating all events around the meeting at Please add yourself if you will participate in the event or want to show a cool application running on the free stack during […]

Still going strong

Like every couple of months David Gilbert made some charts to show our progress (the usual disclaimers about meaningless statistics apply!). I am especially excited how much progress our Mauve test-suite is making. It shows how serious we are are about the three Cs: Completeness, Correctness and Compatibility. The Mauve report has been generated using […]

JavaOne deployment and compatibility talk rejected

Dalibor, Fernando and I had submitted a talk idea for JavaOne, but it got rejected. I have never been to JavaOne and it would have been nice to talk a bit about our compatibility goal there and how to deploy in a Free Software environment. Many people want to deploy and get their programs written […]