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Fosdem GNU Classpath+OpenJDK DevJam Developer Room poster

Coming to the Fosdem libre java event this year? Then you will need this little brochure of all the fun things going on: And don’t forget to check out the full Fosdem schedule. Lots of fun stuff to see and do!

OpenJDK Ambassador

Tom Marble started as OpenJDK Ambassador. Go Tom! Really looking forward to meet him at Fosdem.

10 years CACAO

Christian Thalinger (aka twisti) just announced 10 years of CACAO and some very nice birthday presents: From: Christian Thalinger <twisti <at>> Subject: 10 years CACAO Date: 2007-02-19 11:23:49 GMT The CACAO virtual machine celebrates its 10th anniversary. On February 14th 1997 CACAO 0.1 using the class library of the JDK 1.0.2 for the Alpha […]

Java Packaging – The next big thing?

Last year at LinuxTag I gave a presentation on GNU Classpath and what I thought was the next big challenge, packaging all those liberated programs written in java. One could say that we have succeeded in providing working code for a far range of existing Free Software projects written in the java programming language. The […]

Fedora & CentOS

Started using Fedora for my development desktop system and CentOS on my server system. Pretty nice combination. That also gave me the opportunity to install WordPress 2.1. Interesting new features, like the visual editor and spell checking. Lets see how this post looks. Enabled comments and Bad Behavior. Hope it helps combat comment spam. At […]