Fedora & CentOS


Started using Fedora for my development desktop system and CentOS on my server system. Pretty nice combination. That also gave me the opportunity to install WordPress 2.1. Interesting new features, like the visual editor and spell checking. Lets see how this post looks. Enabled comments and Bad Behavior. Hope it helps combat comment spam.

At Fosdem Fedora+CentOS will share a developer room, just like the GNU Classpath+OpenJDK DevJam projects share one.



  1. tmarble says:

    Looks great! This SPAM thing is really becoming frustrating… but so too is maintaining a small phone book of passwords — one for each site we visit. Seems like there ought to be a way to do this with something like gpg-agent which would provide convenient strong authentication. –Tom

  2. Yeah, I need to rethink this comment thing again. Even though Bad Behavior blocked 76 spam attempts I still had to moderate a whole bunch (and all that in 1 night). Authentication is indeed a pain. OpenID looks interesting. Anyone have experience with it?

  3. tmarble says:

    I don’t have experience with OpenID. And when I mentioned this I did not have Sun products in mind, but along the theme of liberalization it’s important to point out that OpenSSO and OpenDS are now open source (CDDL) as part of Sun’s expanding portfolio:


  4. Tom Tromey says:

    A bit late to reply to this….

    OpenID may or may not be that useful. At BarCampBoulder most of what I heard about it made it sound, in the end, not very useful :-(. There is an MS approach that looked nice, but… you know how that is. I’ve been meaning to blog about this a bit more; there are some nice things we could do if we had a more unified “free software identity”.

    For my blog Akismet has worked wonders. More than 99% of the spam is blocked.