Jelatine & chain-letters

Now that I am actually paying attention to all the Micro Edition stuff I notice that there actually are a lot of them already (based on GNU Classpath). Today I stumbled upon Jelatine JVM:

Jelatine is a new Java Virtual Machine which targets the Java 2 Micro Edition Connected Limited Device Configuration (J2ME CLDC). The machine was designed to work on very small embedded systems and requires as little as 32 KiB of RAM for running non-trivial Java code (provided that the executable is stored in ROM). It also provides an (almost) CLDC compliant classpath which has been obtained by modifying and reusing parts of the GNU/Classpath project.

Completely unrelated. It seems the only correct way to stop this glorified-chain-letter stuff is to keep the fate and link to Smoochieboochies :)