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Thank you, Poland!

Please support this initiative! From: Florian Mueller To: Subject: EU software patents: please express gratitude to Poland Please take a minute to visit and express your gratitude to the Polish government for its courageous last-minute intervention in the Council of the European Union against software patents on Tuesday (21 Dec). Poland prevented, at […]

JikesRVM presentation

Michael Hind published his slides from the Free Alternative Runtimes Summit. The Jikes RVM Story (and some well-known myths about dynamic optimization). It was a really good presentation, so go read the slides and learn!

More summit presentations

Bryce Mckinlay published his presentation on free testsuites, the presentation on free desktop libraries (AWT & Swing) by Tom Fitzsimmons and Graydon Hoare and the presentation on GNU gcj by Tom Tromey. Hint – don’t use that template with white text on a dark background. If the beamer isn’t that good or the screen is […]