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Guadec II

Dalibor arrived in Stuttgart (08:00 good morning). Lots of excitement after the Eclipse talk yesterday. People were really interested in the various plugins. The fact that Andrew had a powerbook with a native ppc version of Eclipse made some people really happy. The bugzilla plugin attracted interest. And people were even saying they would drop […]

Guadec I

Andrew and Ben gave a great performance. The The Eclipse IDE and you talk was really inspiring. People were clearly excited to check it out. Lots of specific suggestions for improvements to make it a really great Free Software hacking tool. Looking forward to Ben and Andrew Cowie their talk about java-gnome tomorrow (also using […]

Mark your calendar

Guadec: 29 – 31 May, Stuttgart – Germany The Eclipse IDE and you Ben Konrath and Andrew Overholt Eclipse, Java-GNOME, and GCJ Andrew Cowie and Ben Konrath 6th International Free Software Forum (fisl): June 1 – 4, Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil Encontro Javali: Escape the Java Trap: Classpath and Kaffe, Implementing the Java Standards GNU Style […]

22 May 2005

Where is the Harmony? Things like the bad competition between KDE and GNOME is what keeps me interested in the harmony project. There is also good competition between these projects. And I do hope Harmony can be what is for the larger free software desktop community. That is what we have always tried to […]


Thanks for the great gift Julian! GNU gjdoc 0.7.5. Updated GNU Classpath (CVS) docs at

And the Free Software world keeps turning

Free AWT hackers observe and learn: Eclipse on SWT/GTK+ Performance Notes Hurd-Gnome! Keep on rocking. Keep on hacking. Wow.

JFileChooser and other Free Swing progress

Roman checked in Kim Ho’s implementation of JFileChooser. And our Free Swing implementation is actually looking better and better each day. Quick screenshot of the new JFileChooser and jedit (main window, file system browser and search/replace dialog) in action (jamvm 1.3.0 + GNU Classpath CVS + cairo 0.3.0): Sweet. (But no, jedit isn’t actually usable […]

GNU Classpatchy

Found on the harmony mailinglist: > we recommend they start to contribute by submitting Classpath patches (which we could kindly call “Classpatches” :-) Well, since Apache was “a patchy server” this would not be quite out of league :)

On the horizon

The Auto-vectorization with gcj looks exciting. If this can be made to work for java source files (and it looks like it is almost there already) then we will see some very nice speedups. Auto-vectorization in GCC has some examples in C and Fortran that GCC supports now. There is also the GCC Autovectorization Enhancements […]

Some nice press and some time off

Finally some nice press about our OpenOffice/GCJ community work. GCJ is now also mentioned on the homepage. Please help out if you can. Taking a little time off-line. I’ll be back answering email after the weekend.