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Just got a thank you email from Richard Stallman about our progress with OpenOffice 2.0 and GCJ 4 for both communities. The FSF has also updated the text at to better reflect our current status: Volunteers needed to build, test and package free OpenOffice 2.0 The FSF is looking for volunteers to build, test […]

10 May 2005

How to take the fun out of someones achievement Uraeus post made me sad. It was an hectic week, but is seems our Harmony effort is already a success. saw a record number of visitors, the irc channel has been full of interested people and after some discussions back and forth it seems that […]

How to help Harmony?

Posted some thoughts on how GNU Classpath hackers can help Harmony. Sven then did a little dance! These guys are cool, and by cool I mean totally sweet.


Yes, that announcement wasn’t really well coordinated. But I tried to make my views clear on the mailinglist. Please read and enjoy. I just don’t have much time this weekend, but I do hope this will work out great. Update: Posted about Harmony! to the GNU Classpath mailinglist. With links to: The State of World […]

It keeps bloating at an alarming rate

The latest numbers from David Gilbert about GNU Classpath and Mauve progress are in (yes, I am behind on email): Also forgot to mention that GNU Classpath 0.15 was released last week. Optimized nio and nio.charset plus io streams integration leading to large speedups in character stream performance. To complement this new framework a native […] 2 Writer wizards working under gcj

Happy news for those following the 2.0 melodrama. Caolan made the new document Writer wizards working under gcj. He also has a list of bugs, patches and feature requests needed for better support.

Growing the family

We might soon need a bigger planet! Thomas Fitzsimmons now has a blog that is aggregated on Welcome Tom! And Mark Howard got a fresh new blog. He had an old blog on the planet earlier, but I somehow missed his movement announcement. Sorry Mark. If you are reading this on the planet please […]