10 May 2005

How to take the fun out of someones achievement

Uraeus post made me sad. It was an hectic week, but is seems our Harmony effort is already a success. planet.classpath.org saw a record number of visitors, the irc channel has been full of interested people and after some discussions back and forth it seems that everybody agrees that whatever happens next it will be a good thing for the whole community. I would love to meet my new harmony friends at ApacheCon Europe next month or meet some of the current GNU Classpath hackers at LinuxTag (during which cbj announced that I would be the new maintainer two years ago). But I decided instead to go to Guadec. I saved my last money to pay for the trip, stay and entrance fee (!). Just because I wanted to see all the cool presentations about Gnome using gcj, GNU Classpath, Eclipse and java-gnome. And to learn how to better integrate our AWT, Swing and Graphics libraries with gtk+, cairo, pango and the rest of the Gnome platform. But it seems that it is time to stop kidding ourselves that we will enhance the Gnome desktop with our efforts. Sigh.