It keeps bloating at an alarming rate

The latest numbers from David Gilbert about GNU Classpath and Mauve progress are in (yes, I am behind on email):

Also forgot to mention that GNU Classpath 0.15 was released last week.

Optimized nio and nio.charset plus io streams integration leading to large speedups in character stream performance. To complement this new framework a native iconv based charset provider was added. Better support for free swing metal and pluggable lafs. Some org.omg.CORBA support added. Better java.beans support for the Eclipse Visual Editor Project. Completely lock free ThreadLocal implementation added. More javax.swing.text support for RTF and HTML. More flexible runtime interfaces and build configuration options.

26 people actively contributed code to 0.15 and made 299 CVS commits during the last two months of development (that is 5 commits each and every day). diffstat since 0.14: 993 files changed, 74259 insertions(+), 15666 deletions(-). Sloccount now gives us 344,505 lines of code. That is up 16,774 lines (or 279 lines per day) of pure source code since 0.14. We now PASS 27,325 of 27,959 Mauve tests (up from 25,442 out of 25,912 with 0.14).