On the horizon

The Auto-vectorization with gcj looks exciting. If this can be made to work for java source files (and it looks like it is almost there already) then we will see some very nice speedups. Auto-vectorization in GCC has some examples in C and Fortran that GCC supports now. There is also the GCC Autovectorization Enhancements wiki.

Impressed by the fact that wikipedia runs on gcj for Lucene indexing. As Anthony pointed out on the Harmony list this is a showcase for Apache and GNU technology working together in an important real-world application. Also nice to see that traditional tools like gprof and oprofile can and are used to analyze performance. Seems we need to look at our regex implementation to give them a little speed boost.

Also on the horizon the next Debian (sarge) release! The Call for upgrade testing was just announced.

BTW. It seems some spam filters need to be adjusted to the new German spam. Currently fighting my way through mailman approval for some legitimate messages from new people on the GNU Classpath mailinglist. Please be patient, your message will arrive eventually.