A piece of rebel code…

Simon Phipps and Mark Reinhold made a video: Java Opens Up.Mark Reinhold
Simon Phipps

It was recorded before the Fosdem GNU Classpath/OpenJDK DevJam (check out some of the slides posted there for some more in depth info), so you probably won’t learn much more if you have been in Brussels. But they do a very good job of describing the process of going GPL (“The Gold Standard”), what is already there, when what will be available and the help they are looking for from the community. And it is worth watching so you can hear Simon call GNU Classpath “A piece of rebel code” :) There is an Ogg/Theora version of the video.

P.S. If you want to publish Ogg/Theora videos but only have something in a less open or encumbered format, then check out ffmpeg2theora. Providing video in a fully free open format will get you more viewers, especially if your target audience is the free software community.