Dogfood – Hacking GNU Classpath with Eclipse

Raif Naffah created a nice Hacking GNU Classpath with Eclipse document (including lots of screenshots) explaining how to setup native Eclipse on Fedora Core 4 to directly hack on GNU Classpath and Mauve. Tom Tromey made it so that you can use Cacao as runtime for all your work from inside Eclipse. And Stephan Michels helped me replicate the whole setup out of the box on Debian (unstable).

The result is nice. Following the instructions automatically creates a whole GNU Classpath hacking and testing environment using Eclipse on a fully free stack out of the box on modern distributions. The fact that we are building and testing our own stuff using applications build on top of it is pretty powerful. And the instant write/compile/test cycle (the compile step just disappears) should make people more productive when writing, testing and fixing Mauve tests.

It is a wiki page, so please share any hints and tips if you try it out.