GNU Classpath generics, native eclipse and jamvm

With GNU Classpath 0.19 we also for the first time released a snapshot of the generics branch for people to play with. I have to admit that I have been concentrating mostly on the trunk and hadn’t been paying much attention to the generics branch. Much thanks to Tom Tromey for genericizing (is that a word?) a lot of packages and to Andrew Hughes for merging from trunk and maintaining the generics branch in a state so that we can do regular releases of it. It is amazing how much already just works. I hacked together a native-eclipse that uses the glibj generics zip from GNU Classpath and jamvm as launcher for the eclipse java projects. And it all just worked out of the box! :)

If you are lucky and have a PPC box running Debian unstable then Stephan Michels (tashiro) has some nice packages to play more with GNU Classpath generics (ecj-generics, jamvm-generics and even retroweaver to make it all work on your non-generics enabled runtime).