gcc 4.0, documentation with gjdoc, bribing hackers

GCC 4.0.0 is released! That was a lot of fun. Don’t you love the smell of release panic. GCJ 4 is a very nice release. Even though it is now based on a two month old GNU Classpath. But thanks to Michael Koch people can enjoy a fresh core library in CVS. Hopefully some of that goodness will make it in 4.0.1.

Julian Scheid released gjdoc 0.7.4. We have updated documentation on developer.classpath.org. And we now also have inetlib documentation online. Nicely linked together with the GNU Classpath core class documentation. In the future we might see the resurrection of the TexiDoclet. Nicely printed documentation and info files. Hurray!

Anthony Green is bribing hackers to produce even more code for GNU Classpath. Although I am all for free t-shirts he should probably have invited people to write more tests for Mauve and test real world free software applications based on GNU Classpath and GCJ. We are almost at the million lines of code mark, so coders is not something we are really short on!

And he shouldn’t have been so cheap and offer t-shirts from the company he works for :) Real hackers want something from the FSF GNU-shop! If you are pushing your company swag then please offer people a Fedora Core 4 CD so they can help by using and testing our stuff in a ready to go free environment! FC is really cool and should be promoted more to those that want a free replacement platform now without waiting for the other distros to catch up.

Speaking of the FSF, please join us now and share the software! Let them know MJW inspired you to join. Then my friends can hear the voice of freedom when they call me.