Finally the 0.14 announcement

We should have send this out earlier, but there was so much other stuff to do (Fosdem Meeting! and a little vacation). But it is finally done. The GNU Classpath 0.14 release announcement. The best thing about it is that we worked hard to get as much as possible merged with libgcj and kaffe for the upcoming GCC 4.0 (gcj) and Kaffe 1.1.5 releases. So looking at the 0.14 release should give you a pretty good indication about what will be hitting the distributions real soon now. Both GCC and Kaffe seem to be really used and tested by various GNU/Linux distributions as free JDK replacements which gives us all a very good feeling.

As always the progress is impressive. Between 2005/01/06 (0.13) and 2005/02/25 (0.14) there were 232 commits by 29 different people. Our sloccount score improved to 327,731 (140 pure source code lines – excluding documentation – per day). I was really impressed by our mauve scores. Mauve is growing fast. For 0.13 we had 23131 out of 23729 mauve tests PASSes. For 0.14 we have 25442 out of 25912.

Since we are into the 0.15 release cycle already we can look forward to lots of new things. Most notably the new jawt support (which is already in gcj and kaffe if you want to play with it), Audrius has been working on javax.swing.text.html and made a lot of mauve tests for it, and he has now started on the org.omg corba stuff, and Jeroen had a new ThreadLocal implementation that looked good. The next release will have all these goodies! In just 6 weeks from now :)

I really like going through the changes between releases to make these announcements and list everybody and everything that we have done. It is like going through an old photo book and remembering when what happened how. There is always more new stuff then I remember.