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DevJam fever

Really looking forward to the GNU Classpath distro DevJam meeting in Oldenburg in two weeks. If you haven’t done so yet, please add yourself and/or anything you want to see discussed/hacked on during these days to the wiki page (or fill in the forms attached to this email) If you cannot make it this time […]

09 Sep 2005

More platforms, more harmony Riccardo Mottola (grey_gandalf) setup a blog where he posts about kaffe on sparc, ppc, darwin, solaris, etc (anything but x86 it seems) and David Tanzer has a blog where he posts about the activities of the harmony-dev mailinglist participants. Both have been added to Planet Classpath (scroll down for their latest […]

GNU Classpath 0.18 released

Two more months of development so time for a new release. As always this release has broken all records yet again. 29 people actively contributed to this release and made 535 CVS commits during the two months of development (or almost 10 commits each and every day!). diffstat since 0.17: 994 files changed, 114744 insertions(+), […]

You will be assimilated!

That was quick! Andreas got the GNU Classpath awt peers and the new GNU JAWT examples working on Darwin. A big thanks to the classpath/gcj/libgcj team (alphabetical order) for the hard and amazing work!!


Finally got our GNU JAWT working. What went wrong all this time was the fact that gcc 4.0.x comes with a jawt.h that defines some structs slightly different from the one that now comes with GNU Classpath. Oops. I added a little animation. blink! blink!

Bling Bling

We are in preparation mode for the next GNU Classpath developer release snapshot. That is always a good time to throw around some arbitrary numbers. David Gilbert updated his statcvs graphs showing an increase in line count of around 10% since our last release only two months ago: I did a quick Mauve status scan: […]