GNU Classpath 0.18 released

Two more months of development so time for a new release. As always this release has broken all records yet again. 29 people actively contributed to this release and made 535 CVS commits during the two months of development (or almost 10 commits each and every day!). diffstat since 0.17: 994 files changed, 114744 insertions(+), 13663 deletions(-). That is up 46,133 lines (or 750+ lines per day!) of pure source code since 0.17 (according to sloccount). We now PASS 31,194 of 32,253 Mauve tests (up from 29,508 out of 30,320 with 0.17).

We need more Saturdays!

Added GNU JAWT for awt native interface support. Datatransfer clipboard updated to 1.5 including support for copy/paste of serialized objects, images and files. Completed the org.omg PortableInterceptor, DynamicAny and Portable Object Adapter packages. Multi plaf support for Free Swing. Editing support for JTree and JTable. Lots of icons and look and feel improvements for Free Swing basic and metal themes. NIO implemented and DirectByteBuffer put method speedups. Image loading speedups for awt. Support for darwin and solaris out of the box.

I finally did some real coding again for this release myself. What was really satisfying was the fact that I reported some suggestions and bug fixes for the gtk+ Clipboards and Selections interfaces and almost all were accepted and fixed already. Matthias Clasen is my new hero! What is really nice is that this means the copy/paste user and developer experience for the whole Gnome desktop is improved (a little).