Bling Bling

We are in preparation mode for the next GNU Classpath developer release snapshot. That is always a good time to throw around some arbitrary numbers. David Gilbert updated his statcvs graphs showing an increase in line count of around 10% since our last release only two months ago:

I did a quick Mauve status scan:

0.17:     30437 PASS, 1216 FAIL
0.18-pre: 31105 PASS, 1059 FAIL

There were just 10 regressions most of which have already been resolved within hours of posting the overview. Mauve itself grew with around 2000 tests since July.

And Stuart Ballard who keeps track of japi scores noticed that we are rapidly approaching 90% API coverage for 1.4. Of course that is just the class/method interfaces and doing that last 10% might take the other 90% of the work, but progress has really been amazing lately.

To see where all that code comes from just look at the gmane classpath-patches statistics page. 100K a day!