14 Jul 2002

More Progress

Anthony Green is my hero! He is doing what robilad was suggesting. If the mountain doesn’t come to the compiler, you bring the compiler to the mountain. He setup rhug a collection of java packages built with gcj. The current list of packages is nice and long. He now also made rhug RPMS available.

Some is creating a Graphical Configuration-Tool for Wine: “Its written in Java, is compiled to a native-Linux program via gcj and uses java-gtk as toolkit.” Nice, nice, nice.

Classpath/libgcj merging

Merged the GNU Classpath gnu.java.security.provider package with libgcj. And merged to GNU gcj javax.transaction package with Classpath. Which reminds me to finish the merging of javax.naming (JNDI) package that libgcj has. But I really want to create some documentation for it and it is a non-trivial package.