17 Dec 2002

GCJ 3.3

Did an a lot of testing and rebuilding of the GCC: GNU Compiler Collection. That is such a big project and my machine is so slow… But it seems that at least GNU gcj 3.3 is already in good shape. Made lists of Mauve testresult status and Other testsuite failures. Two months will be more then enough to kill these last bugs. But we can always use more testers. So if you have a free software java project please try out a GCC 3.3 snapshot so we can make sure that when we release it works for your project.

Jikes RVM 2.2.0

The Jikes Research Virtual Machine is a free virtual machine written in java that is self-hosting!
Version 2.2.0 now mostly uses the GNU Classpath class libraries. And they are optimistic that release 2.2.1 of Jikes RVM will be based entirely on the GNU Classpath libraries. Yeah! Another happy customer.

GNU Classpath API doc

It seems we now have API doc for the core class libraries online. It looks nice. We need a lot more documentation, but some of these docs are already very useful when writing java programs. Please check it out and if you find something missing then please write something for it. Documentation patches are always welcome. The documentation was produced with gjdoc which is not completely finished, but as you can see already very capable of producing nice javadoc. (It actually produces XML files that are later transformed with xsltproc to the actual HTML.)