Feeling young again

I think I know why they call Europe the old continent. In Brazil they know how to party till 04:00 AM and still have a full program around all things Free Software from 09:00 till 20:00. Amazing amount of energy here. These people grok Free Software!

Dalibor and I are working together nicely. We seem to get the message across that diversity can go together with harmony, how we are making amazing progress, and how the TCK and JCP process are not helping us getting better and more compatible fast. Several big companies and government officials seemed to get that message.

Anthony Green gave me a nice hint for the demo. Install a local CVS repository to show the eclipse team diff handling. That was really nice to show. There was indeed no network available in the room that we presented (all the other rooms do have network). Thanks Anthony.

BTW. It is true! Dalibor has a large number of groupies here. And random girls walk up to him to get their picture taken with him.