Guadec 6 & Fisl 6.0

Finally put up the pictures of Guadec 6 and Fisl 6.0.
Guadec 6   Fisl 6.0

David Wheeler also posted a nice Travelogue of his trip to Brazil, Fisl, lots of photos and some comments about our presentations.

And I stayed until 10pm, because several presentations were about Java implementations. People such as Bruno Souza (president of SouJava, a Brazilian Java user group that is a member of the Java Community Process), Dalibor Topić (lead maintainer of Kaffe), Mark Wielaard (lead for GNU Classpath, the leading OSS/FS Java core library implementation), and Geir Magnusson (lead for Apache Harmony) gave presentations. Information about OSS/FS Java implementations is really hard to get – particularly how all the pieces work together – and the FISL conference had many of the main leaders, so I really wanted to get the big picture. As you’ll see, I eventually got that insight, but it took some effort…