Respect your packager!

Last week I tried to help Michael with the Debian native Eclipse package and this week I played a bit with the Fedora JOnAS package. It thought me to respect the work of the packagers a lot more. Gary explained how to get a package dependency graph. So I tried to make one for Eclipse and Jonas. But there are just too many dependencies to create anything that is actually helpful.

ant-*, axis, bcel, classpathx-mail, eclipse-ecj, eclipse-rcp, gcc-java, gjdoc, gnu-crypto, jakarta-commons-*, java-1.4.2-gcj-compat, jessie, jsch, ldapjdk, libgcj, log4j, mx4j, tomcat5-*, wsdl4j, xml-commons-resolver
avalon-framework, avalon-logkit, axis, bcel, carol, castor, classpathx-mail, eclipse-ecj, gjdoc, gnu-crypto, hsqldb, jakarta-commons-*, java-1.4.2-gcj-compat, jdom, jessie, jgroups, jonathan-core, jonathan-jeremie, joram, ldapjdk, libgcj, log4j, mx4j, objectweb-anttask, p6spy, struts, tomcat5-*, velocity, werken.xpath, wsdl4j, xdoclet, xjavadoc, xml-commons-resolver

And I only listed the most important dependencies of these programs. The amount of packages that are now freely available build upon GCJ4 is amazing. And it is fun that you can now also play with things like tomcat or axis out of the box. But how any packager is going to stay sane is beyond me :)

It shows how important projects like Gump are.

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