yum source and debug info

Getting package source and debug info isn’t always as transparent on Fedora as I would like. But there is yum-utils that provides yumdownloader which can get packages given that you know the source package name (is there an easy way to find that out/automate that?).

yumdownloader --enablerepo=core-source --source gcc

(don’t forget that you have to enable the correct source repo for the package, also don’t know whether that can be automated)
Now Seth Vidal wrote debuginfo-install to get the debug packages (and dependencies) for a package. Now if we could automate all these things in such a way that you automagically get all relevant debug-info and optionally the sources downloaded and installed from Frysk when inspecting a package that would be really cool.

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  1. Enrique Perez-Terron says:

    If you have the binary package installed, you can find the source package name like this:

    $ rpm -q –queryformat ‘%{sourcermp}’

    where is the binary package name without version and architecture, e.g.

    $ rpm -q –queryformat ‘%{sourcerpm}n’ mpfr