Summer of Code – Integration is our game

GNU Classpath wasn’t directly participating in Summer of Code. But since we are in the integration business between various projects and communities it still resulted in some interesting projects for us that I am excited to see happen.

There is the proposal from Mario Torre for Gnome/GStreamer Desktop sound integration for Java for the GNU project. Which is particular nice seeing that GStreamer didn’t get accepted as a project this year and that GNU Classpath has had pretty nice Gnome integration already (there was also a proposal for better KDE/Qt integration that sadly didn’t make it).

Then there is the proposal from Dalibor Topic for Integrating OpenJDK’s javac bytecode compiler into gcj for the GCC project. Which is hopefully the first step into combining some great GNU and OpenJDK technologies and making the migration path between the projects for our mutual users (the GNU/Linux distros) smoother.

Andrew Hughes will be integrating the JMX Implementation into JikesRVM and Eslam Almorshdy will be Adding JDWP and JVMTI support (exciting seeing that Keith and Kyle made considerable progress on making sure the GNU Classpath JDWP layer talks nicely to Eclipse). JikesRVM has some more interesting student projects this year.

Congrats to all students!