Fedora 9 Preview

Been playing with the Fedora 9 Preview release on my laptop this weekend. It feels pretty snappy and the integration of the various new components is pretty smooth. I didn’t find any personal show stoppers. So I will definitely upgrade my main machine as soon as the final release is out (currently scheduled for May 13th). And the Fedora 9 feature list is impressive. Except for the GCC 4.3 integration (and the 4.3 gcj/classpath parts were mostly backported to gcc 4.2 in Fedora 8 already), there isn’t anything official in the release notes about the fancy new java integration features as far as I can see. That is a shame because there is a lot of improvements in this area.

IcedTea 7 has been replaced by IcedTea 6 (and the package is now called openjdk). Including the appletviewer plugin (based on gcjwebplugin) and javaws (based on netx, but not installed by default yet). Eclipse 3.3.2 is included and seems to fly. It is pretty solid and imports and builds GNU Classpath from cvs out of the box (always a big plus with me). There are new official Java Packaging Guidelines. New guidelines describing how to deal with GCJ AOT compilation in Java packages. New guidelines describing how to package Eclipse plugins. And I was also happy to see things like JNA, Batik and FOP packaged now. Looks like java will slowly be better integrated with GNU/Linux distros!

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  1. Chris Hubick says:

    I’m really looking forward to this release. What I’m looking forward to even more is for this Fedora Java stuff to make it’s way into the RHEL we use it work.

    Sadly though, It looks like my x86_64 workstation will remain all but useless for Java development: