Thanks to the work of Sun’s Tom Marble and Kaffe’s Dalibor Topic all the Sun OpenJDK announcement videos are now available in Ogg/Theora format for your viewing pleasure. (See collaboration is starting already! But who wouldn’t want to work together with someone as nice as Dalibor.)

The videos are released under a Creative Commons License. And here is a 40 second clip that I think captures the spirit of the event (I hope that is fair use): Jonathan Schwartz on collaborating when he mentions our various communities by name. So, if you like that, go see the announcement video in full glory (1 hour) for the real thing. Another interesting part is when Rich Green explains the GPLv2 choice, introduces Richard Stallman, officially releases the code and confirms the usage of the GNU Classpath exception for the jse libraries (6 minutes, starting at 15:18 and ending at 21:38). The videos of Richard Stallman and Eben Moglen are also available separately.


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