Red Fedora

I have been working for Red Hat for 5 months now helping the Frysk team and it has been a lot of fun. Red Hat is a great company but they do have one major flaw. After all this time they still haven’t managed to provide me with the gimmick that makes it all worth to work for them, the Red Fedora! But I believe I have finally found out why. Apparently one of Red Hat’s competitors convinced management that it makes engineers dance badly, or worse… I am not sure this movie will actually make lots of people buy more of Novell’s stuff. But it sure makes me look carefully before crossing a street. The question is whether I will ever like this American way of advertising. It is kind of funny, but also a little sick (and you don’t want to think about what their real marketing message is here…).

More mudslinging between Ubuntu and Suse. Pick your poison. Switch between one or the other because of abusing the GPL through shady patent deals or because of abusing the GPL through inclusion of proprietary programs and kernel modules. Spamming each others mailinglists. Great way to build a bigger community guys! Sigh.