02 Apr 2004

Growing pains

It seems that we get more and more people wanting to help out with GNU Classpath. Which is very, very nice. But that also means explaining our hacking customs again and again. So, I finally went through the email archive of the last couple of months and added sections on needed tools and libraries, code conventions, hacking on the code, writing ChangeLog, working with other people/mailinglists, CVS, etc to the GNU Classpath Hacker’s Guide. Hope that helps new people fit in faster with the old-hackers who sometimes have known each other for years.

One email that probably deserves to be turned into a guide of its own is GNU Classpath – How to use it. It describes how to get the last 0.08 release working out of the box. And with the latest release of JamVM (1.1.2) you don’t need any patches any more to get it working even with GNU Classpath from CVS. Currently investigating how well other VMs work out of the box. I tested that Kissme from CVS works out of the box with GNU Classpath from CVS. Next up is Jikes RVM.