Old news

Advogato has been down for the last week. So I setup WordPress to be able to blog again. Here is some old news from the start of my little Canada “tour” last week.

Blame Canada!

Arrived in Canada. Still unsure which day it is or how late. But I should have enough time to get into a sane day/night rythm again before the
GCC Summit starts. Will also visit the Red Hat Toronto office to finally meet some of the great gcj hackers. That will be fun.

So much fun coding is happening now. Michael Koch fixed the libgcj code so it compiles with other compilers again and merged new patches from GNU Classpath into libgcj. Guilhem Lavaux fixed the java.text collator (lots of new Mauve passes). Casey Marshall made a generic AccessController implementation for Kaffe, which should not be that hard to adapt for other runtimes. And Antony Green upgraded ant to 1.6.1 for RHUG (including build updates for rhino and jython!), tries to get java-gnome, JacOrb and Jessie into Thomas his jhbuild.
This rocks so much. I feel quilty for being on vacation when others work so hard.

A lot more has happened, but that is for another time…