18 Aug 2005

GNU Classpath distro DevJam

Various Debian packagers and developers are interested in coming
together to improve the Free Software tool chain, the programs and
the free runtime environments for software written in the java
programming language.

For such a meeting we would like to include packagers from various distributions to coordinate on library names, dependency and versioning. And to share experiences on how to integrate and map dependencies of tools like ant and maven when creating traditional GNU/Linux distribution packages.

So we are proposing a developer and packager meeting around coordinating and improving the state of packaging of large scale applications written in the java programming language using the GNU Classpath, gcj and other free java-like tool chains for the various GNU/Linux distributions.

Please see DevJam wiki for details: http://java.debian.net/index.php/DevJam

We hope to get together a group of (20 till 30) people wanting to do some hands on hacking to show the state of the art in packaging. Resulting in the availability of several new packages, improvements to the free tool chains and cross-distribution packaging conventions quickly after the meeting.

One of the ideas to keep the cost down for now is sharing the meeting with another group in Oldenburg, Germany, from September 21st to September 25th. http://meeting.ffis.de/Oldenburg2005/

If you are interested please add you name and thoughts about how to make such a meeting most effective to the wiki! And please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring the effort.