01 Oct 2005

DevJam Reports

The GNU Classpath distro DevJam was a great success. It seems we brought some harmony into the hearts and minds of the different distributions (Ubuntu, SkoleLinux, Debian, Fedora, Suse, Gentoo, OpenEmbedded) that participated. And being able to talk and debug some issues with several of the upstream projects involved (GNU Classpath, kaffe, gcj, Cacao) was definitely inspirational and productive.

Here is a list of summaries and notes of the meeting:

If you know of more reports, please send me, or the devjam mailing-list, updates and additions.

On request of several of the participants I have setup a DevJam mailing-list so people can keep in touch and coordinate cross-distro/packaging/project things.

If you are interested in participating or helping out with a
followup meeting please see the wiki about DevJam++.