Relentless progress!

We released 0.16 (code name “Harmony”)!

AWT GtkScrollBar and GtkImage improvements. All image operations are now working correctly. Graphics2D has been upgraded to use Cairo 0.5.x. Free Swing updates for 1.5 top-level compatibility. JTree interface completed. JFileChooser has been implemented. Completed implementations of BoxLayout, GrayFilter and SplitPane. Upgraded the Corba features to 1.3 and included new CORBA 2.3 features. Start of generic JDWP framework. And lots of bug fixes based on real world application usage.

31 people actively contributed code to this release and made 389 CVS commits during the last two months of development (that is 6.5 commits each and every day). diffstat since 0.15: 1248 files changed, 133649 insertions(+), 41802 deletions(-) That is up 6312 lines (or 105 lines per day) of pure source code since 0.15 (according to sloccount). We now PASS 28,801 of 29,590 Mauve tests (up from 27,325 out of 27,959 with 0.15).

Or as David Gilbert calls it “Relentless progress!”: