03 Jul 2005

STOP Software Patents in Europe!

How you can help

If you cannot attend the demonstation in Strasbourg in person please phone or fax your member of the European Parliament (MEP). Or better yet discuss the situation with others you work with and send a company FAX to show them how this new legislation will hurt your business if the Buzek-Rocard-Duff amendments are not adopted by parlement on Wednesday. If you don’t inform your parliament, mega-corporations are doing the job for you: “The European Parliament is filled with lobbyists of Microsoft, Eicta, CompTIA and so on. There are 30 to 40 lobbyists permanently roaming the halls.”

Join us now…

Jerry Haltom and Robert Schuster have (re)joined Planet Classpath. Make sure you read their announcements of the Ubuntu GCJ4 Eclipse packages and the GNU Classpath presentation at LinuxTag 2005 and the accompanying paper.