Bling! Bling!

The GNU Classpath celebrity chavs and chavettes did it again GNU Classpath 0.92 – Bling! Bling!:

This is the first release that has a full graphics 2D implemenation based on Cairo enabled by default. This enables the use of applications like JEdit, FlickrBackup and JFreeChart out of the box. Screenshots of CairoGraphics2D in action.

Also new in this release is the inclusion of an applet viewer and plugin that can be embedded in webbrowsers or other applications. It works on any platform supported by the various runtimes based on GNU Classpath, including 64 bit architectures.

An alternative awt peer implementation based on Escher that uses the X protocol directly. Various ImageIO providers for png, gif and bmp
images. Support for reading and writing midi files and reading .au and .wav files have been added. Various tools and support classes
have been added for jar, native2ascii, serialver, keytool, jarsigner. A GConf based util.peers backend has been added. Support for using
alternative root certificate authorities with the security and crypto packages. Start of and runtime lang.managment
runtime support. NIO channels now support scatter-gather operations.

As always, this really is the best release ever! Brought to you by one of the most enthusiastic teams out there:

Next time you see one of these cool hackers please say thanks!

(And my apologies for all those hackers missing in the above picture. Omission just means that google images couldn’t find you. Please do send me more pictures for inclusion.)